2011 AOAI International & SDC Atlantic Zone Meets Photo Gallery

July 13-16, 2011 in Gettysburg, PA
Presented by the Keystone Region Chapter Studebaker Drivers Club and Avanti Owners Association International

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Avanti Owners Association International, Inc.

Dennis W. Foust
2011 Chairman (SDC)

Donald L. Jones
2011 Co-Chairman (AOAI)

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Avanti Owners Association International, Inc.

SDC Keystone Region Chapter, Inc.

Gettysburg Convention and Visitors Bureau

Welcome to the Atlantic Zone/AOAI International
Meet Post Event Page

- Photo Gallery -

Did you miss the Atlantic Zone Meet/AOAI International Meet, the week of July 13‐16? If you did,
you missed a great time! Here’s some of what happened:

For one thing, you missed the largest east‐coast gathering of Studebakers and Avantis in quite a
while. And, you missed getting a look at the Studebaker Prototype. Yeah, the prototype was in
Gettysburg, thanks to the fine folks at the Studebaker National Museum (Becky Bonham and Andy

Wednesday, July 13….We’re starting to see the arrival of some beautiful cars (and some survivors).
Did you see that original ’41 President 4‐dr sedan setting in the parking lot. Looks like it just
was pulled out of a barn! Well, it was! How long has it been since you’ve seen an all‐original
Studebaker at a meet? Did anyone see that ’51 with the huge rear tires? How about the beautiful
Avantis in the parking lot? The Avanti Owners Association International made Gettysburg the
location of their International Meet. We’re expecting a good turn‐out of Avantis. The Ice Cream
Social, this evening, is growing. We thought we might 150 people at this event….count is now over
200 and growing. This event comes and everyone has two huge scoops of ice cream WITH toppings.
Guest dippers from AOAI and Keystone exchange banter with the attendees and the call is given for
seconds and thirds of ice cream. Gosh, what a deal!!

Thursday, July 14…..The tours begin. A trip to the weekend home of former president Dwight D &
Mamie Eisenhower is on tap and Keystone member Winnie Shoul provides the local flavor on the trip.
New this meet was a complimentary breakfast at the Dobbin House in Gettysburg before the tour
began. Meanwhile, it’s something for the guys. A driving tour to the Eastern Museum of Motor
Racing, in Dillsburg. We gather in front of the Eisenhower and start the 25‐mile trip to the
museum. EMMR is the repository of some of the most interesting stories, photos and cars from East
Coast racing history. Our guide this morning is retired driver Lynn Paxton, who gives the attendees
a bit of the background on the museum before giving us a personally‐guided walk through its
exhibits. Mid‐way through the tour, people get a surprise. Bill Strayer’s rare 1932 Studebaker
Phaeton is on display in the museum!

The AOAI Barbecue is tonight. We have the good fortune of having a bluegrass band from Virginia,
“Lost and Found” with us at the meet, and what a show they put on. The AOAI Barbecue came with all
the fixin’s with pulled pork , sliced roast beef, potato salad and much, much more. Later that
night, as everything breaks up and the pace slows a bit, it seemed like old times, as people slowly
drifted to the parking lot and talked cars for hours.

Friday, July 15…. Beautiful skies and a slight breeze. Just the kind of atmosphere you want for a
gathering of Studebakers and Avantis. My wife Cindy Foust, Pat Engle, and Dianna Davis are getting
a bit busy keeping up with pace of meet arrivals to get their goody bags and/or register for the
meet. Two buses leave at 9 am for an “insider’s” tour of the Gettysburg Battlefield, but, before
the tour began, we once again gave everyone a complimentary breakfast at the Dobbin House. The Swap
Meet was in its third day, and things were running well there, and cars were beginning to fill the
spaces around the Eisehower in anticipation of tomorrow’s concours. Tonight’s event is the AOAI
Banquet, to honor those who have made a significant contribution to AOAI in the last year. AOAI
club president John Hull makes a few light‐hearted comments, and after another outstanding meal
from the kitchens of the Eisenhower, awards begin. It all wraps‐up in good time, as preparation for
tomorrow’s concours has to begin.

Saturday, July 16…..We awake with bright skies and a slight breeze to hold the concours. The gates
to the field opened about 6:30 and slightly thereafter, cars began to arrive. A quick check with
cars at the gate to be sure they’re displaying their judging or display cards, and they’re on their
way to the concours field. Judging begins at 9:00 sharp, and the field fills with cars. All told,
we count over 175 cars in attendance at the concours, with approximately 75 of those being Avantis.

Concours judging and the show end at 3:00 and people began to prepare for the evening banquet and
awards ceremony. Saturday evening’s banquet begins with a few words from Denny and Don, and a big
thank you to all who’ve attended the meet. The Awards Ceremony begins after the meal. We have a
surprise in store for everyone. We were able to acquire the last bears EVER TO BE SOLD from the
Boyds Bears Collection in Gettysburg, and these specially embroidered bears became our awards for
class winners. At the end of the awards ceremony, some of our extra bears were put‐up for sale and
a rush to buy ensues. The bears are wildly successful. As the night wound down, we realize that 3 ½
days of fun with friends are about over.

Sunday morning a special going‐away brunch is available for meet attendees and many avail
themselves of it. Denny and Don are seen walking the Eisenhower Hotel looking for missed signage
and taking the Registration banner down. Everyone is about gone, and the meet ends.

Yeah, you missed a meet to remember…..

PS. Thank you to those who helped make the meet a success. A big thank you to Cindy Foust, Pat
Engle, and Dianna Davis for managing what was, at times, a chaotic area, Registration. These three
ladies kept everything in order, no one missed a tour, and almost everyone was able to attend the
event they wanted to, due to their efforts. Also, a big thank you to Dianne Schlott and Mary Moses
for making all the tickets for the event, all the signage for the doors and for keeping my
spreadsheets tracking everything, in order. And thank you to anyone else I’ve missed. We couldn’t
have done it without you!


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